Margaret Teller Stoutenburgh Obituary

29 September 2014
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by Lanaii Kline

Several years ago, I came across Margaret Teller’s obituary.  It was an unexpected and delightful find. It was printed when the long S was in use. It was written when even the educated spelled words phonetically.  It was written when widows were called “relics.”  I don’t know why, but I find the relic part most amusing.

However, the fact that I found this obituary in a Pennsylvania newspaper was even more interesting. The obituary appeared in The Independent Gazetteer on March 17, 1789, Volume 8, Issue 1016 on Page 2.

This is a modern translation of the obituary:

Departed this life, at Clinton, the 23rd of February,

the widow Margaret Stoutenburgh, 

aged 93 years and 15 days—

relict of Jacobus Stoutenburgh, Esquire,

formerly Judge of Dutchess County.

On Friday the 27th of February,

her corpse was attended to the silent grave

by a large concourse of relations and friends,

including 76 surviving children,

grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. Marsh,

from Revelations Chapter 2, and part of Verse 10—

”Be thou faithful unto death,

and I will give thee a crown of life”—

on the solemn occasion.

We would also add, she lived to this advanced age

with the full use of her understanding and

remarkable vigor of constitution.

Her personal character needs no tribute;

her piety and charity are deeply engraved

on all her acquaintance.

“Hence we learn that death sooner or later conquers all!”

Reprinted by permission from 2014 Stoutenburgh-Teller Family Association annual newsletter, editor Lanaii Kline.

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Stoutenburgh Cemetery Guided Tour: Jacobus & Margaret Stoutenburgh

30 June 2014
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Gravestone: Jacobus Stoutenburgh (1696-1772) and Margaret Teller, his wife (1696-1789)

Jacobus Stoutenburgh
Margaret Teller
His Wife

We would like you to join us in expressing our gratitude to Tony and Shirley Walker and Gail Hotaling for years of service on behalf of our Family Burying Ground. Constancy on Tony’s part is the watchword for his attentions. Many stones have suffered damage over the centuries as shown in our photograph of Plot 1, the site of our forefather, Jacobus Stoutenburgh, and his wife, Margaret Teller-Stoutenburgh. (For information on how you may offer assistance, please click on the “You Can Help” button in the upper right corner of the site.) The cemetery is an entity of its own apart from the STFA, showing its own story, indelibly, in stone.

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Stoutenburgh Cemetery Guided Tour: John & Catherine Stoutenburgh

7 June 2014
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On the left as you come through the gate on the West Wall we find two more stones noted on the Cemetery Legend Document of 1968 as:
“G. Stone Wall was erected by request in a will of John Stoutenburgh (1807)”

John Stoutenburgh HeadstonePlot 9: John Stoutenburgh (at whose order the wall was built, a Revolutionary War veteran)
died February 21, 1808 at 77 years old

Catherine Stoutenburgh HeadstonePlot 8: Catherine Stoutenburgh (John’s wife)
died August 27, 1805 at 76 years old

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